Jane Therese for her short screenplay, "Return ME"

PRINDIEplay is a screenplay competition for short stories 15 pages and under. 


Jane Therese is an award-winning screenwriter and photojournalist living along the Delaware River in Bucks County, Pa. A native of Southern California, Jane traveled across the country to pursue a career in writing and photojournalism delving deep in backyards for hidden stories. You can see her IMDB here.


Her photo features include PTSD, The Power of Prayer, Starving for Attention, A Day in the Life of Jaime; Breaking the Silence of Autism, to name just a few.


Jane moved easily into screenwriting in the mid-80's when a friend's son was murdered in Baja, California. This set into motion a chain of events highlighting the way America and Mexico viewed their extradition policies. Jane was asked to write her story, thus La Llorona (The Weeping Woman) was written. Jane continues focusing on socially relevant stories from all facets of the world.