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Directed by Eusong Lee


Animations are not just for kids, but the kids will like this one too. MY MOON is a gorgeous short film that is expertly crafted and beautifully told. Director Eusong Lee brings the vast interdependent relationships of the Earth, Moon, and Sun into an intimate and relatable story, literally personifying these entities. The film ponders the painful coexistence that the three bodies have to endure as the Earth desires both the Sun and the Moon for fundamental reasons that the other simply cannot provide. With beautiful art direction, featuring mellow and vibrant colors, you can’t help but feel the opposites, push and pull or human Yin and Yang that is life on Earth; a constant balancing act of good vs. evil, despair vs. hope.

Arguably the most impressive thing about the film is the visuals. Lee and his animation team use 128 backgrounds to set the stage for this non-traditional 2D animation that uses a mixture of flat and 3D effects and a combination of traditional and digital animation techniques to bring depth to the environment and characters.

Although there are many artistic decisions within this film of note, one particular aspect that stands out is the setting. Inspired by Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s “The Arrival of the Queen of the Night,” Lee uses red stars in a grid along with other layers of stars to give the viewer a sense of scale between the Earth, Moon, and Sun; to enable us to understand their relationship on an intimate level, but also feel it keenly as the separation between them starts to occur.

As any of us know, love and loss are an inevitable part of life, and you can’t help but feel for the characters involved in this love triangle. While simplistic and straightforward, the concept plays out like a Greek tragedy or Shakespearean play, leaving you to see yourself and your own experiences in the telling.

I highly recommend viewing Eusong Lee’s landing page for MY MOON here to learn more about his animation techniques and the reasons behind some of his aesthetic decisions. It certainly gave me a deeper appreciation of Lee and his team’s incredible skills and dedication to the craft.

“I wish we could be together more.” (1:02) - Moon | “I like being with you too but, it’s not just that simple.” (1:07) - Earth


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