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Jury Duty | Pavel Brenner

We wanted to give you a closer look at our jury members for the 2019 PRINDIE Film Fest. Today we are offering a peek into the life and mind of Pavel Brenner.

Pavel is a film director based in Los Angeles who was born and raised in Russia. After working in advertising as a graphic designer and later art-director he started a film program at Art Center College of Design in California as a cinematographer and director. After graduating Pavel directed a critically acclaimed music video Acid Rain (see below) for an American electronic artist Lorn and later another music video for a French electronic artist Brodinski, called Split. The project for Yumi Zouma also brought Pavel to a new field - producing.

What attracted you to the PRINDIE: Princeton independent film festival?

Even in my days in film school I loved watching other students' work. It's really inspiring to see what young filmmakers do and PRINDIE is a great platform to do so. For me, to be a judge at Princeton independent film festival is a great honor and I want to use this opportunity to meet both young talent and experienced filmmakers to discuss film.

What is your favorite movie/what is your favorite type of movie? (action, drama, etc.)

I love genre films. 'After Hours' and 'Punch-Drunk Love', for example, are among my all time favorites. These films are unique and mix comedy, fantasy and drama in an effective way. 

Besides Film, what are your passions?

Besides films I find music really inspiring. Every time I Iisten to a good song it translates into visuals in my head. Just one good song can lead to a whole movie being made, 'Baby Driver' for example.

Is there anything you would like to share about yourself to the people of PRINDIE?

I love film. I think film is a universal language that everyone can use to connect to other people. No matter how old you are or what is your nationality - everyone can understand film. It means we already have a common ground with the festival's audience and I look forward to meeting all the great people who will attend PRINDIE.

Thanks Pavel! Looking forward to your insights on the Official Selection come June.

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