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Jury Duty | Aleksandra Terpińska

Aleksandra's filmThe Best Fireworks Ever won both the Golden Cup and Grand Performance (of an ensemble) awards at the 2018 PRINDIE Film Festival, so naturally we asked her to be on our 2019 Jury!

In 2016, Aleksandra graduated from the Toronto Talent Lab at the International Film Festival in Toronto after already studying Direction at the University of Silesia in Katowice and psychology at the University of Wroclaw. 

Her most recent short feature The Best Fireworks Ever was premiered at 56th Semaine de La Critique in Cannes where the film was awarded with the Canal+ award and a Golden Rail award. The film is the realization of the winning scenario in the competition for contemporary adaptations of the film Blind Chance by Krzysztof Kieslowski.

Aleksandra is also the author of documents First Time and Czech Swan. The latter is a Polish-Czech co-production that, in a funny and light way, tells a story about pensioners who decide to fulfill their dream and dance Swan Lake. The film was sold to television in the Czech Republic, Japan, Australia and Croatia.

Aleksandra's filmThe Best Fireworks Ever won both the GOLDEN CUP and GRAND PERFORMANCE (of an ensemble) awards at the 2018 PRINDIE Film Festival.

What is your favorite movie/ what is your favorite type of movie? (action, drama, etc.)

My favorite movie - there are so many of them but to name few: I, Daniel Blake, Fishtank, Happy go Lucky, I, Tonya, Mustang, Angel A- so as you can see social dramas and or dramedies.

Besides Film, what are your passions? I love to hit the road and go camping with my old-school Volvo 850, going for unexpected trips, hiking, swimming, horse riding, sailing - just... doing things.

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