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Born in July: Come & See... Elem Klimov (PRINDIE Film Forum)

Updated: Jul 23

JULY'S DIRECTOR! Continuing the trend of last month, I want to shine a light on Russian filmmaker Elem Klimov - born July 9th, 1933 - whose name has resurfaced recently with Criterion's brand-new 2K restoration of the traumatizing, anti-war masterpiece, Come and See.

Few filmmakers transcend the conventions of the genres they craft in; With Come and See, Klimov managed to formulate a war film and a phantasmagorical drama, that is blanketed by horror and seemingly concocted straight from the deepest circle of The Inferno. In fact, maybe wait for Halloween, for I'd be hard-pressed to recommend anything more haunting. A kindred spirit of sorts to Cormac McCarthy's novel The Blood Meridian (eerily also released in 1985), in the sense where modern art dances so closely with demons but commands fresh acclaim decades later for its poetry. The result is a film, unlike any other, and after it was completed, Elem Klimov quit filmmaking forever.

For more information on Elem Klimov and his masterpiece Come and See, check out this reflection from director Ari Aster (Hereditary, Midsommar) in Film Comment:


You can purchase Come and See here: https://www.criterion.com/films/28895-come-and-see or stream on The Criterion Channel.

Also see, Wikipedia on Elem Klimov

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