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2020 Jury Member Announcement: Zoel Aeschbacher

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Every week leading up to the official selection announcement and virtual festival presentation, we will be introducing 2020 jury members and films to be viewed for FREE by the artists we love and support in our new PRINDIE Curated Collection!

Without further ado, PRINDIE is honored to announce the 2020 jury member participation of filmmaker, Zoel Aeschbacher!

Born in Paris in 1993 of Swiss and US nationalities, Zoel's first passion was music, which resulted in a fulfilling collaboration with Tony Tran and the genesis of the duet band Ugly Kids in 2010. This led to subsequent collaboration with another artist from Velvey, Julie Hugo of Solange La Frange, as well as regional artists (Montreal Jazz Festival, Babelec, etc.)

This creative experience, in its unimpeded growth, and guided by his formal studies at ECAL, became manifested in video, clip, and then short filmmaking which became an indisputable and transforming passion. His graduation project BONOBO won him the 2019 Oscar (Gold Medal) for Best International Narrative at the Student Academy Awards

BONOBO won GRAND DIRECTOR at the 2018 PRINDIE Film Festival.

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